Heavy Rescue Box on Route 30

At around 10:30am, Reisterstown and several other companies were alerted for a truck which hit a car and then hit a house.  Squad 414, Engine 412, Special Unit 418 and Utility 419 responded and found a box truck had hit a car and then plowed into a house. Driver’s from both vehicles were trapped.  Command requested a heavy rescue box which brought more units including the USAR team from Station 17.

Crews were on scene for approximately an hour for extrication, packaging the patients and loading onto the helicopter.

Tractor trailer roll-over on the 795

Units were dispatched for 10-50PI Rescue reported as a tractor trailer overturned into a guardrail. Squad 414 responded and was first arriving to find one person trapped in the cab against the guard rail. The squad crew extricated the patient who was transported to a local hospital. MDE and Hazmat units responded to pump the fuel out of the saddle tanks.

Pictures courtesy of J Jeffers.

Grand Opening of Firenze Ristorante and Fundraiser

Firenze Ristorante

2 Hanover Road
Reisterstown, MD 21136

Fundraiser on February 11 from 4pm – 11pm

Benvenuto to Ristorante FIRENZE! We invite you for a special preview of our Tuscan dining experience featuring:

  • Homemade Pasta, Meatballs, Lasagna, Breads, Pizzas, Sauces, Salad Dressings & Desserts
  • Creative Handmade Cocktails
  • Premium Wine List with 100+ labels from California and Italy
  • Diverse Bottle and Draft Beer Selection

A portion of the evening’s proceeds will benefit the Reisterstown, Owings Mills & Glyndon Volunteer Fire Departments.

Great meal for a great cause! Mangia!


Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder coming to Reisterstown

The members of the Reisterstown are very pleased to announce an evening with Billy Goldfeder on the topic of firefighter and fire officer survival on the fire ground.


Billy Goldfeder is the co host of the web site www.FirefighterCloseCalls.com and the author of “Pass It On” . He currently serves as the Deputy Chief of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Dept in Ohio.


We are honored that Billy Goldfeder is willing to be with us and we also want to invite you to attend.


February 3rd 2015
RVFD Station
108 Main Street
Reisterstown Md. 21136


If your station is planning on attending, please contact RVFC so we can make plans for space.

2014 – End of the year stats

A new year has begun and it is interesting to look through the stats from last years calls.  In all our station was called out for 1,696 calls which includes 1,193 for suppression (engine and/or squad) and 623 for EMS (ambulance).  This is almost 5 calls every day on average.

Our busiest time of the day for the ambulance was between 2pm and 3pm (118 calls) and for the suppression the busiest was between 6pm – 7pm (68 calls). The busiest day of the week was Fridays for ambulance and Wednesdays for suppression.

The call type most frequent for the ambulance was Sick Subject (which is very general) at 84 calls. The most frequent call type for the suppression side was Dwelling Fire (a house as opposed to a building or apartment) at 70 calls.

Our longest suppression call was 4 hours 23 minutes for a fire in Chestnut Ridge’s area in June and the second longest was 3 hours 17 minutes for a brush fire on Gores Mill Road in April.  The longest ambulance call was for 3 hours 6 minutes for a vehicle collision in December.

Obviously not all calls are long.  Our average time on a suppression call is 20 minutes. Our average time on an ambulance call is 41 minutes.  For the ambulance it is clear there are a significant number of calls that average around 20 minutes and another significant number of calls that average around 70 minutes.  The difference between the two appears to be whether the patient is transported to the hospital by 415 or not.

We are proud to serve our community…

Santa is coming to town!!

Santa is coming to town!

Santa will be riding the firetrucks between 6:30p-7p till around 8:30p-9p
Wednesday – December 17th
  • Weywood Dr.
  • Brian Daniel Court
  • Amy Brent Way
  • Bensmill Court
  • Carrollstown Road
  • Glyndon Trace
  • Berrymans Lane
  • Beverly Road
  • Tarragon Road
  • Statewood
  • Lamottes Court
  • Nicodemus Road
  • Chamborley Drive
  • Beau Mondes Court
Thursday – December 18th
  • Tarragon Road
  • Brookbury Dr.
  • Caraway Rd.
  • Persimmon Circle
  • Church Rd.
  • Sunnyking
  • Bonnie Meadow
  • Delight Meadow
  • Sunspot
Friday – December 19th
  • Chatsworth Ave.
  • Bond Ave.
  • Glyndon Dr.
  • Sacred Heart Lane
  • Northway Rd.
  • Shirley Manor
  • High Meadow Rd.
  • Chartley Dr.
  • Walgrove Rd.
  • Greenview Ave.
  • Suburbian Rd.
  • Shirley Manor
  • Estate Rd.
Saturday – December 20th
  • Gwynnwest Rd.
  • Bentley Park
  • Valley Meadow
  • Mainbrook Ct.
  • Troutbrook Circle
  • Deaconbrook Circle
  • Brickston Rd.
  • Bellinger Ct.
  • Baskerville Rd.
  • Treeline Dr.
  • Kingsbury Rd.
  • Leyton Rd.
Sunday – December 21st
  • East Chestnut Hill Lane
  • Mardan Dr.
  • Erin Way
  • Parkholme Circle
  • Benwell Rd.
  • Brookshire
  • Hammershire Rd.
  • Cherry Valley Rd.
  • Terry Town Dr.
  • Rockrimmon Rd.
  • Danbury Rd.
  • W. Chestnut Hill Lane
Santa wants to see everyone and we will make every attempt to get to all these areas but the schedule is dependent on weather and fire calls.

Working fire in 40′s area

Last night we were alerted for two fires, the first was in Station 56′s area which turned out to be a grease fire that was already out.

Then around 3am E412, S414 and many surrounding companies were alerted for a dwelling fire on Worthington Avenue.  E412 arrived first and called smoke and fire showing and requested a working fire profile.  Crews from 41 pulled two handlines to attack the fire, and crews from S414 did search and lighting. Crews were on scene for approximately 3 hours.