Carroll County crash

On Saturday August 23rd Rescue Squad 414, Engine company 412 and Special unit 418 responded for Mutual aid rescue alarm in Carroll county on MD route 140. First units arrived to find two car MVC with one patient trapped and one ejected. S414 arrived first and completed a complex extrication. The rescue squad took take the roof, the drivers door and then pushed the dash to free the patient.  Units from Reisterstown were assisted by Gamber engine 134 and Reese Rescue

Squad 9. Units were available in under an hour.

Car and trash truck crash on Westminster Pike

Reisterstown E412 and S414 were dispatched for a report of a car into the back of a trash truck.  S414 arrived to find an occupant of the car heavily trapped.  The call was immediately upgraded to a heavy rescue box which brought T313, S322 (Pikesville) and S303 (Lutherville, for the crane).  The trash truck was lifted using air bags and S303′s crane and then S322 slowly pulled the car out from under the truck.   Crews were on-scene for approximately 90 minutes.  The patient was transported to Shock Trauma.

Two vehicle crash near Carroll County Line

On August 2nd 2014 around 0135 hours units were alerted for a 1050PI with person trapped in front of the Full Moon Bar and Grill. Squad 414 responded and arrived first to find one patient trapped. The squad crew, aided by Engine company 412, cut the roof off  to extricate the patient and turned then over care to EMS.  Crews were ready for service a little under an hour.

Photos courtesy of J Jeffers

Dwelling fire in Glyndon

On July 20th 2014 at 1515 hours units were alerted for a dwelling fire in the area of Preserve way. Engine 412 and Rescue Squad 414 responded promptly with staffed 9 volunteers. Initial crews arrived to find fire through the roof command then sounded the working fire. Engine 412 was the third arriving engine and the crew stretched the second handline to the rear. Rescue Squad 414 arrived and assumed first due special service functions opening up for interior crews and conducting searches. All units from Company 41 were held for 3 hours for extensive overhaul before becoming ready for service.

Fire at BGE Substation

On 7/13/14 units from Reisterstown were alerted for a transformer fire in the area of Cockeys Mill Rd and I-795. Engine 412 responded first arriving to find a 16,000 gallon transformer on fire at the BGE sub station. Engine 412 struck the fire box and established command. This brought Squad 414 and Engine 413 to the scene among many other apparatus from surrounding companies. Once the power was secured to the sub station by BGE the fire was extinguished by the aid of a crash rescue truck out of BWI Airport. Units were on scene and operated for approximately 2 hours before being ready for service.

Photos courtesy of J Jeffers

Car into a building

At 1830 hours we were alerted for a motor vehicle accident at Main St. and Walgrove Ave. Upon arrival, Squad 414 found a vehicle into an assisted living residence with a gas leak. The incident was immediately upgraded to a full first alarm with additional medic units. Several people were transported to local hospitals. The remaining residents of the assisted living were relocated to another facility.  We were assisted by units from Glyndon VFD, Engine 56 Owings Mills VFD, Engine 19, Liberty Rd VFD and Arcadia VFD.



House fire

On 7/1/14 at 1612 hours units were alerted for a dwelling fire in company 42′s area. Engine 413 and Squad 414 responded and arrived first to find a 2 story single family with smoke showing. Upon 413 doing their 360 identified it was a basement fire. Crews stretched the hand line in the rear and knocked the fire. Squad 414 assisted in laddering the building, primary searches and opening up. Crews operated for approximately 2 hours before being ready for service.

Pictures courtesy of J Jeffers

Apartment fire

Just before midnight last night Baltimore County alerted numerous stations for an apartment fire off of Tufton Road. Almost immediately several more engines were added to the initial call.  E413 arrived to find a 20 room converted apartment space fully involved with fire.  E413 dropped a line at the road and went down the long driveway to the fire.  In all 14 engines and engine-tankers were used to shuttle water from another water source to a folding tank that was setup. E311 (Owings Mills) drafted from the tank and pumped water down the supply line to E413.  Units were on scene for approximately 4 hours to completely put out the fire.

Pictures courtesy of J Jeffers

Apartment fire in Randallstown

On June 25th at 2345 units from Station 41 were alerted for an apartment fire with reported people trapped in company 46 first due.  Initial units arrived to find a three story middle of the group apartment building with fire through the roof.  Squad 414 responded on the initial assignment they arrived and assumed second due special service responsibilities, conducting primaries and opening up.  Engine 413 was hit for the second alarm assignment and arrived assisting with extinguishment and overhaul. Units were held on scene for three hours before becoming ready for service.

House fire in Garrison

On June 19th, 2014 at 0042 hours Engine 413 was dispatched for a dwelling fire in 19′s area.  Initial companies arrived with fire showing on the second floor with extension into the attic. Crews from E413 arrived as the third engine and took the second hand-line to the second floor.  Crews assisted with extinguishment and helped with extensive overhaul. E413 cleared the scene at 0307 hours.