Brush fire near Reisterstown Elementary School

Once we got back from the 3 hour brush fire off of Gores Mill we cleaned all the hoses and equipment.  Then approximately 20 minutes later we were alerted for another brush fire near Reisterstown Elementary School.  E412 went enroute and found approximately a 100′ section of brush on the hill, by the fields, on fire.  E412 pulled a long hose down the path (one we had just cleaned) and doused the flames.  They requested E413 to be dispatch for more water and so E413 and S414, for man power, arrived on scene to help with the small fire and to roll hose.  We cleared after approximately 30 minutes and went back to station – to clean the hose.

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Brush Fire off of Gores Mill Road

Last night at approximately 6pm a Maryland State Trooper helicopter (Trooper 3) was flying over the Reisterstown area and spotted a 1/2 acre brush fire off of Gores Mill Road.  Station 41 was alerted for an engine response.  The incident quickly escalated due to the size of the brush fire (which was estimated to be 2-3 acres later in the incident).  In the end 11 engines from Baltimore and Carroll counties were dispatched along with numerous brush trucks and Baltimore County rehab units.  Crews were there for just over 3 hours to put the fire out and then cool the hot spots.

Both Engines Get Pump Test

Each year we must test the pump on our Engines.  Baltimore Co. Fire Department has a pump testing tank set up in Jacksonville.  Both pumpers have passed their annual test.  Next test is the annual hose test.

Life Member Banquet

Last night was our Life Member Banquet.  Approximately 80 members came to enjoy a great evening and recognize those at the station who have done so much.

Two members were officially inducted as life members: Craig Hewitt (current Assistant Chief) and Gene Kirchner (LODD this past year).

The firefighter of the year was Ian Timpson for his commitment to get FF1 done and his time around the firestation especially as he lives far from the station and does not have a vehicle.

The administrative people of the year were Jimmy Carter and Robert Murray Jr for their leadership and self-sacrifice in particular immediately after Gene Kirchner was rescued from the fire and his subsequent passing.

Vehicle collision near the Royal Farms

S414 was alerted for a motor vehicle collision at the Royal Farms just north of our station.  S414 arrived to find two vehicles and one person trapped inside.  They called for a rescue box and so E412 came too (along with several other apparatus).  S414 cut the door off the vehicle and the crews extricated the patient from the vehicle.  The patient was transported by M56 and the suppression crews cleared the scene after about 30 minutes.

Pictures courtesy of J Jeffers.

Car into a tree on Reisterstown Road

Early this morning Station 41 was alerted for a car into a building.  E413, S414 and IV415 responded and found a car into a tree.  One patient was transported to the hospital.

Pictures courtesy of L Rigby

Tractor Trailer Overturned on the 83

S414 was dispatched for a tractor trailer overturned on I83 along with Baltimore County fire, hazmat and USAR units.  A tractor trailer crashed right at Shawan Road.  S414 helped with stabilization of the tractor trailer.  More information can be found at local news websites.

Pictures courtesy of J Jeffers.

Brush fire

Today we had a brush fire in Station 56′s area.  They were out on another call (actually another brush fire). We arrived to find a large area that was burnt with many spot fires.  We requested a second engine for more water due to the distance from a hydrant. It took about 15 minutes to completely put out the fires and cool down the area.  Engine 56 had cleared their call and came over to our location.

Shed fire in Reisterstown

This afternoon E56 and E412 were alerted for a brush fire in E56′s area based on multiple calls of smoke in the area.  E56 arrived in the area and found a large shed or garage in fire.  A Maryland State Trooper was flying overhead and was able to guide E56 and E412 to the correct address.  There was a 20′ by 20′ shed fully involved in flames.  Several more engines were requested as it was a non-hydrant area and then shortly after that a firebox was requested due to the proximity of the house and the need for water.  It took several hours to put the fire out and the house was unscathed.