House fire in Hereford

Last night S414 was alerted for a dwelling fire in Hereford with people trapped. First in companies had a dwelling on fire with potentially two people trapped in the basement. Crew from S414 went to work with fire extinguishment and overhaul.

During the fire E412 and E413 were both staffed for any other calls in Reisterstown and surrounding area.


Pic courtesy of B Barnes.

Gene’s Unveiling

Today we had a private ceremony at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens for the unveiling of Gene’s head stone.  As part of the Jewish faith, the unveiling is held a year after the funeral.  This marks the next step of the grieving process.  Several of the surrounding companies were represented along with 61 members from RVFC came to support Gene’s family for the unveiling.  After the unveiling everyone came back to our fire station for a meal.  After the meal, Gene’s family members moved Gene’s personal items from his gear rack into the new memorial in our day room.

Gene, we will never forget you….

Transfer into Baltimore City

Reisterstown was requested to transfer an engine into Baltimore City due to a 2 alarm fire they were handling.  E413 transferred to 46 Engine House on Reisterstown road.  From there we ran two calls, one of them for a grill fire and a second one for a medical investigation.  Many thanks to T27 for their hospitality for time we were there.

Pictures courtesy of J Jeffers.

01:09:04 April 24, 2013

At 01:09:04 on April 24, 2013 a fire rescue box with people trapped was dispatched for a house fire in Reisterstown.

Firefighters responded from our station in an attempt to save those trapped.

Unfortunately, we lost one of our own, Gene Kirchner (LODD: May 2, 2013).

Gene was doing his duty… and he will never be forgotten.


Duty     Honor    Tradition

Brush fire near Reisterstown Elementary School

Once we got back from the 3 hour brush fire off of Gores Mill we cleaned all the hoses and equipment.  Then approximately 20 minutes later we were alerted for another brush fire near Reisterstown Elementary School.  E412 went enroute and found approximately a 100′ section of brush on the hill, by the fields, on fire.  E412 pulled a long hose down the path (one we had just cleaned) and doused the flames.  They requested E413 to be dispatch for more water and so E413 and S414, for man power, arrived on scene to help with the small fire and to roll hose.  We cleared after approximately 30 minutes and went back to station – to clean the hose.

2014-04-13 23.08.39

Brush Fire off of Gores Mill Road

Last night at approximately 6pm a Maryland State Trooper helicopter (Trooper 3) was flying over the Reisterstown area and spotted a 1/2 acre brush fire off of Gores Mill Road.  Station 41 was alerted for an engine response.  The incident quickly escalated due to the size of the brush fire (which was estimated to be 2-3 acres later in the incident).  In the end 11 engines from Baltimore and Carroll counties were dispatched along with numerous brush trucks and Baltimore County rehab units.  Crews were there for just over 3 hours to put the fire out and then cool the hot spots.