S414 in Reisterstown

The new S414 has arrived in Reisterstown to our station. It was driven up from Jessup by one of our senior drivers, Henry Eckhardt Jr, along with our Chief Craig Hewitt and chair of the squad committee Bob Murray Jr.

The squad has several stops and we have training to do before it goes in service. But hopefully it will be in service within a couple of weeks. More details about the squad will be posted soon.

Cribbing for the New S414

Last night several members worked on getting the cribbing ready for our new S414. The new squad is in its final stages and should be delivered to us soon.

The cribbing being worked in the pictures is one of the things that is carried on each squad (and truck) in Baltimore County. The main use is for stabilization of a vehicle at an MVC. A whole, large compartment is dedicated to cribbing.