Ice Rescue Training

Last night RVFC participated in ice rescue training with companies 31, 50 and Gamber’s dive unit. A 30 minute in-station powerpoint was presented first describing how to secure the scene and methods of rescue.  Then all companies (including E412, E413, S414, SU418, U419 and M415 from 41) went to the Department of Natural Resources game farm off of Gwynnbrook Road in Owings Mills for practical ice rescue training.  A whole was cut in the 8″ thick ice and volunteers in wet suits went into the water and then were rescued.

Apartment fire in Randallstown

Early this morning stations were alerted for an apartment fire in Randallstown with people trapped.  S414 was on the initial assignment and as soon after the first engine arrived command called for a second alarm.  E412 and E413 were dispatched on the second alarm.  S414 crews searched the third floor and also setup exterior and interior lighting.  Engine crews helped with fire extinguishment.  Several hours afterward command requested multiple pickup trucks to take the frozen hose and equipment back to surrounding stations.  U419 was dispatched and two more firefighters went down to help with the equipment.  In all, 16 firefighters from Reisterstown were at the scene on four pieces of apparatus.

Pictures courtesy of B Barnes and C Jones.

Carroll County building fire

Last night S414, SU418 and 4 other Baltimore County units were requested by Carroll County to respond to a second alarm building fire in Eldersburg.  Personnel from S414 and SU418 were requested to go to the roof of the building to assist with suppression and overhaul.  Station 41 equipment was onscene for approximately 2 hours before we were cleared.

Ladder training with Glyndon

This morning we did ladder training with Glyndon and T404.  This was done to give some of our newer members experience climbing a 100′ ladder to climb up to a building on the ladder.

Photos courtesy of C Hewitt.

Busy day yesterday

Yesterday was very busy for RVFC. We ran 14 suppression (engine and/or squad) runs in our area and down to Owings Mills. There were many people and businesses that had issues with water flow alarms most likely due to the very cold weather the last few days.