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Electric car training

Last night Mike and Gabe from Tesla Motors Owings Mills came down and did a great presentation about electric cars.  The focus was auto accidents and car fires in particular but also included a great background about electric vehicles.  Part of the time was a video and power point presentation and the second half was a hands on vehicle overview of two Teslas they brought up for us to go over.  RVFC hosted firefighters from E401, T404, E56, E18, T18, IV118, E19, E13, T13 and BC2 for the training.

Many thanks to Mike and Gabe for be willing to take an evening out of their time to do training for the North West side of Baltimore County.

Extrication Training

Every so often we get some vehicles donated to the firehouse so we can do training on efficient methods of extricating patients out of vehicles.  Last night was one of those nights.  We had all the tools of the squad and practiced opening doors, cutting, removing the roof, removing the rear tail gate etc.

Engine Operations Training

Tonight we trained on engine operations.  We pulled two 1 3/4″ attack lines (first lines we would take into a house or building that is on fire) and practiced patterns against the building.  We then pulled the blitz fire (high water flow nozzle). And finally we went raised and lowered ladders against a 20′ building.  We have several new members and this type of training is great for them but is also great for the more seasoned members too.

Squad 414 Training

Squad 414 (S414) in our station is used for many different incidents.  Primarily it is outfit for rescues and in particular for extricating patients trapped in vehicles.  For that task it has multiple spreaders and cutters to open up car doors or remove roofs. But there are many other tools on the squad.  There is a whole section for rope rescues, water rescues and confined space rescues.

As well the squad has a large number of lights, which was one of the initial tasks for a squad on a fire.  Some lights would be set-up in the front of the house, some would be set-up around the back (if accessible) and some set-up inside, all so we, and others, can see what we are doing in our fire fighting tasks.

Last night we pulled all the lights off the squad and went over how to set them up (for some newer members).

Maryland State Police Helicopter Training

This morning firefighters and EMTs from stations 41, 42, 50, 40, 56, 18, 46 and 31 went over to Chestnut Ridge to do training on the new MSP helicopters.  MSP received new helicopters to replace their fleet of Dauphin (the new helicopters are larger and heavier and able to carry more equipment).  We had discussion about EMS apparatus they carry, proper landing zone operations and patient packaging and loading.  Thanks to MSP Trooper for coming over for this training.


Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder coming to Reisterstown

The members of the Reisterstown are very pleased to announce an evening with Billy Goldfeder on the topic of firefighter and fire officer survival on the fire ground.


Billy Goldfeder is the co host of the web site and the author of “Pass It On” . He currently serves as the Deputy Chief of the Loveland-Symmes Fire Dept in Ohio.


We are honored that Billy Goldfeder is willing to be with us and we also want to invite you to attend.


February 3rd 2015
RVFD Station
108 Main Street
Reisterstown Md. 21136


If your station is planning on attending, please contact RVFC so we can make plans for space.

Rope Rescue Training

Here at Reisterstown we are always training to keep on top of all the functions we might have to perform.  We spent a couple of hours tonight going through rope rescue training with probationary and new members to the company. This is something we don’t have to use often and so is good to practice.

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Hose Training

Tonight we had a good practice session on how to deploy hose from our engine on the main floor up a staircase and down a hall to a room.  Not all fires and hose deployments are simple so this was good practice for all in how to work around corners and up stairwells.