Busy night with several MVCs

After having a reasonably quiet November we are ending the month with a very busy Tuesday night.  Tonight we were alerted for a house fire in 56’s area just south of us.  E412 and S414 were both on the road but then canceled upon E56’s arrival.

Then shortly after that around 9pm tonight Station 41 was alerted for a rescue box with a patient trapped north of us on Route 30.  S414 arrived and took command and then E412, T404, E422, M505 and several other apparatus arrived.  One patient was trapped in the vehicle and S414 and T404 worked to extricate the person. After about 15 minutes with the spreaders and cutters on the car the person was extricated.  A helicopter was requested for transport but was not able to fly due to the poor weather so the patient was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

E412 arrived back in station and within 10 minutes were alerted, along with S414 and several other stations for another person trapped in their vehicle.  The location was not clear and it took several minutes to find the vehicle which, again, was on Route 30.  One patient was trapped in a vehicle off the side of the road and T404, E412 and S414 worked to extricate the person from their vehicle.  The patient was transported to a local hospital by ambulance.

Firefighter II Training

Our members are continually taking classes to advance themselves.  Several are in the Firefighter  II class that is currently being held.  Below are some pictures of the class when E413 went out down to the Fire Rescue Academy.

Pictures are courtesy of M Teller.