2016 Child safety seat inspection schedule

This was recently posted by the Baltimore County Fire Department:

Wednesday   January 20  2:00PM  6:00PM  Woodlawn Sta. 3
Wednesday   February    17  3:00PM  7:00PM  Franklin, Sta. 56
Wednesday   March   16  2:00PM  6:00PM  Jacksonville  Sta. 47
Wednesday   April   20  3:00PM  7:00PM  Whitemarsh Sta. 20
Wednesday   May 18  2:00PM  6:00PM  Pikesville Sta. 32
Wednesday   June    15  3:00PM  7:00PM  Parkville Sta. 10
Wednesday   July    20  3:00PM  7:00PM  Woodlawn Sta. 3
Wednesday   August  17  2:00PM  6:00PM  Franklin, Sta. 56
Wednesday   September   21  2:00PM  6:00PM  Jacksonville  Sta. 47
Wednesday   October 19  3:00PM  7:00PM  Whitemarsh Sta. 20
Wednesday   November    16  2:00PM  6:00PM  Pikesville Sta. 32
Wednesday   December    21  2:00PM  6:00PM  Parkville Sta. 10

For an appointment call 410-887-8717 and leave a message.
Appointments are schedule the beginning of each month for that month’s event.
ie.  Beginning of January for January 16, beginning of Feb for Feb 20…

Also, parents can call Maryland Kids In Safety Seats  800-370-7328 (www.mdkiss.org) to see if they have anything earlier or more convenient than our events.

Christmas party at the firehouse

Last night we had our annual Christmas Party at the firehouse.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all…

Two vehicle collision with one person trapped

This morning there was a two vehicle collision with one person heavily trapped.  S414 along with many other units were dispatched to the scene in Chestnut Ridge’s area.  Engine 501 was first arriving and advised there was one person heavily trapped in the vehicle and requested a helicopter for transport to Shock Trauma once the patient was extricated.  Crews from Squad 414, Squad 322, Truck 404, Engine 19 and Engine 501 all worked together to gain access to the patient.  This required numerous tools off of Squad 414 and many people.  After about 15 minutes of work we were able to extricate the patient who was then taken by ambulance to the landing zone for the helicopter.

Rollover with rescue

On Friday Station 41 units (E412 and S414) were alerted for an MVC with rollover. Almost immediately dispatch upgraded it to a rescue (person trapped in the vehicle). The engine and squad responded along with other area apparatus. Police were on scene very quickly and advised that people on scene were able to help the driver out of the vehicle. Company 41 equipment waited on scene for about 15 minutes for the medic crew to check out the occupants.

Santa is coming to Reisterstown!!

Santa is coming to town!

Santa will be riding the firetrucks between 6:30p-7p till around 8:30p-9p
[Santa wants to see everyone and we will make every attempt to get to all these areas but the schedule is dependent on weather and fire calls.]

  •  Weywood Dr.
  •  Brian Daniel Court
  • Amy Brent Way
  • Bensmill Court
  • Carrollstown Road
  • Glyndon Trace
  • Berrymans Lane
  • Beverly Road
  • Tarragon Road
  • Statewood
  • Lamottes Court
  • Nicodemus Road
  • Chamborley Drive
  • Beau Mondes Court
  • Gwynnwest Rd.
  • Bentley Park
  • Valley Meadow
  • Mainbrook Ct.
  • Troutbrook Circle
  • Deaconbrook Circle
  • Brickston Rd.
  • Bellinger Ct.
  • Baskerville Rd.
  • Treeline Dr.
  • Kingsbury Rd.
  • Leyton Rd.
  • Tarragon Road
  • Brookbury Dr.
  • Caraway Rd.
  • Persimmon Circle
  • Church Rd.
  • Sunnyking
  • Bonnie Meadow
  • Delight Meadow
  • Sunspot
  • Chatsworth Ave.
  • Bond Ave.
  • Glyndon Dr.
  • Sacred Heart Lane
  • Northway Rd.
  • Shirley Manor
  • High Meadow Rd.
  • Chartley Dr.
  • Walgrove Rd.
  • Greenview Ave.
  • Suburbian Rd.
  • Shirley Manor
  • Estate Rd.
  • East Chestnut Hill Lane
  • Mardan Dr.
  • Erin Way
  • Parkholme Circle
  • Benwell Rd.
  • Brookshire
  • Hammershire Rd.
  • Cherry Valley Rd.
  • Terry Town Dr.
  • Rockrimmon Rd.
  • Danbury Rd.
  • W. Chestnut Hill Lane

Morning Rescue, Busy Night in the County

This morning around 7am Reisterstown along with surrounding companies were alerted for an MVC with patients trapped in Franklin’s district.  S414 went enroute.  Reports were of 1 person trapped but E56 was able to extricate the patient just as S414 arrived.  Several were transported to the hospital.

This was after a busy night in the county with 3 working fires (2 of them 2-alarm) and a working rescue.  One of the working fires was on the West side which stretched resources.  E412 was dispatched on a medical call to Station 18’s area but was cleared upon arrival.  E412 was then transferred to Station 18 to cover the area. In all we were there approximately 90 minutes before returning to Reisterstown.

Pictures from this morning’s rescue:

Randallstown house fire

Early this morning we were alerted for a house fire in the Randallstown area.  Our squad was due along with numerous other engines and trucks in the area.  First arriving engine found a house with fire in the basement and roof.  The crews made an aggressive attack including the crews from our squad.  The squad was on scene for approximately an hour before being released.