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Person Trapped Under a Car

Last night around 10pm, S414 along with E312, T18 and several medic units were dispatched for a report of a person trapped under a car. Going down the road, command (E312) updated the scene and a plan was formulated in discussion with S414. S414 and SU418 arrived to find a single person completely underneath a car. Air bags were deployed along with cribbing and step chalks in order to lift the car off of the person. Crews from 41 and 31 worked together along with medic crews to do it as efficiently and safely as possible.

E413 to FRA for FF1 Class

E413 went down to the Baltimore County Fire Rescue Academy to support a firefighter at RVFC who is in the Firefighter 1 Class. Sunday was the first set of “burns” where the instructors set small fires in the burn building and the students advance a handline into the building and put the fire out.

House Fire on Cuba Road

Very early this morning E413 was dispatched on a working house fire in Butler’s area. Numerous engines were requested as it was a non-hydranted area. E413 arrived near the back of the line of engines and the crew went up to get an assignment from command. E413 waited while the crews inside were working then when some crews exited, E413’s crew was instructed to go to the second floor and look for any remaining fire and to overhaul. E413 remained on scene for approximately 90 minutes before returning to the Reisterstown area.

Tree onto Car – Two Nights in a Row

Last night around 6pm Reisterstown got a call for a car with a tree on top and with someone possibly trapped inside. S414, E413, SU418 and several other apparatus from surrounding companies were dispatched. S414 arrived first to find a single vehicle that had run into a tree that was across the road. The driver was not trapped and was safely inside a passer-by’s car.

Tonight around 6pm, again, Reisterstown got a call for a car with a tree on top and with someone possibly trapped. S414, E413 and U419 were dispatched along with surrounding companies to Dover Road in Upperco’s area. E852 arrived first and had a car on the side of a hill that had been side-swiped by a downed tree. S414 and others extricated the patient. The patient was transported to the old Boring Firehouse and was flown out by Trooper 1. E413 handled the landing zone for the helicopter.

Carroll County Barn Fire

Engine 412 along with several other units in Baltimore County were alerted for a barn fire early this afternoon. E412 arrived and helped setup water supply as there were multiple engines already at the barn. E412 supplied water it received from Carroll County units. Once the fire was suppressed E412 was requested to go down to the location in order to use foam to completely cover what was left of the barn. Foam enables the water to soak into the burning material which cools and reduces access to oxygen. Units cleared around 4:30pm.

MVC on Hanover Pike

Last night at approximately 8:30pm Reisterstown was alerted for an MVC on Hanover Pike near Kemp Road. SU418 called enroute and just pulled out of the station when it was upgraded to an MVC with one trapped. Other volunteers in the area came down and brought Engine 412 and 413 as well.  Crews found two vehicles 100 yards apart and one of them was up on the guard rail. It took crews approximately 10 minutes to extricate the patient from the vehicle who was then transported by ambulance to Shock Trauma. Crews were in service approximately 45 minutes after dispatch.