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Two Extrications in the Past 12 Hours

Over the last 12 hours, S414 was on two MVCs where someone was trapped in the car. Early this morning in Butler’s area a car went off the road and hit a tree, trapping the driver in the vehicle. Units from 41, 56, 40, 17 and others extricated the patient.

Then later this morning a car went off the road just behind the fire station at Franklin and slid down the embankment. The driver was trapped in the vehicle and units from 41, 56, 19, and 18 extricated the driver from that vehicle.

Garrison House Fire

Around 10pm last night units along the 795 corridor, including S414, were dispatched for a house fire in Garrison’s area.  First arriving units had a working fire on the 2nd floor of a row home.  S414 assisted companies with opening up the roof and with overhaul.

795 MVC Down the Embankment

Early this evening E413, S414 and M415, along with surrounding companies were dispatch for a car over the embankment on the 795.  S414 arrived to find one person trapped in the vehicle. The vehicle was stabilized as the vehicle landed on a hill which was also very muddy and slippery.  Crews lifted the patient into a stokes basket and lifted up the hill along the ladders.  Patient was transported to a nearby hospital.

Busy Wednesday

Wednesday afternoon E412 was called up to Upperco’s area for a report of a fire in an attic. The house was in Baltimore County but up near Hampstead in Carroll County so a good distance for us.  E412 made it up there and went to work inside the attic doing  overhaul.

Not long after starting that work there was a report of an appliance fire a little further north and command requested E412 and E392 leave the house fire call (there were numerous other engines) and to go up to the other call.  Thankfully the second one appeared to be an overheated A/C unit so we were able to clear.

Car Against a House

This afternoon we were called for a car into a propane tank.  E412 arrived to find a car that had rolled onto a deck and down some basement stairs and up against a propane tank. Thankfully no one was injured and the tow company was able to safely pull the car out of it’s resting place.

American Kempo

American Kenpo Karate Studio of Reisterstown held an end of school year event with moon bounce, cool out and other activities. RVFC was invited to show the kids the fire engines and medic and discuss safety at home.