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Extrication Training

Every so often we get some vehicles donated to the firehouse so we can do training on efficient methods of extricating patients out of vehicles.  Last night was one of those nights.  We had all the tools of the squad and practiced opening doors, cutting, removing the roof, removing the rear tail gate etc.

Autofire on I-795

Last night we were alerted, along with Engine 56 for an auto fire on the 795. The original call had it in the wrong location and it ended up being north bound just north of Owings Mills Blvd. The police reported the car was fully involved.

Carroll County Fire

Carroll County had a townhouse fire last night in which the rear of the building was fully involved upon their arrival. They quickly called for a second alarm in which E412 was requested based on our mutual aid agreement.  We arrived and aided crews with fire attack.  We were on scene for about an hour and helped pack up hoses for the first in companies.


Engine Training

Tonight two crews went out to Chatsworth Elementary school to do training on the engine.  Trained on pulling the attack line, setting up the blitz fire (high volume hose) and then ladder training.

Five Tractor Trailers Fully Involved

E412 and S414 were alerted for five tractor trailers on fire in Carroll County.  E412 arrived 3rd and pulled two handlines.  Crews were on scene for approximately 4 hours before the fire was fully extinguished and overhaul completed.

Engine Operations Training

Tonight we trained on engine operations.  We pulled two 1 3/4″ attack lines (first lines we would take into a house or building that is on fire) and practiced patterns against the building.  We then pulled the blitz fire (high water flow nozzle). And finally we went raised and lowered ladders against a 20′ building.  We have several new members and this type of training is great for them but is also great for the more seasoned members too.