343 firefighters lives lost… attempting to save others’ lives

Thirteen years ago today was the largest loss of firefighters lives in one incident in the United States.  343 firefighters lost their lives attempting to save others’ lives.

A list of the firefighters can be found on Wikipedia. Please go to that list, look through it and say a prayer for the families of these brave people.

There are also hundreds upon hundreds who have succumbed to illnesses since 9/11 for the work they did on scene after the initial collapses.

Never Forget…


Crash on Worthington Road

Yesterday S414 was dispatched, along with apparatus from Glyndon and Franklin fire stations, for a car that crashed into a pole on Worthington Avenue.  T404 out of Glyndon arrived first and confirmed one person was trapped in the vehicle.  They requested a Trooper to fly the patient to Shock Trauma but the helicopters were grounded due to weather.  Crews from S414 and T404 cut the roof off to get better access to the patient and then had to push the dash with a hydraulic ram to free the patient.  Unfortunately the patient did not make it.  Crews from Reisterstown were on scene for a short time longer and then cleared.