Hose Training

Tonight we had a good practice session on how to deploy hose from our engine on the main floor up a staircase and down a hall to a room.  Not all fires and hose deployments are simple so this was good practice for all in how to work around corners and up stairwells.

Very busy day in Reisterstown

This morning started very early for some of us at the fire station.  The calls started coming in just before 5am due to the ice and rain.  In all we ran 29 suppression calls in Reisterstown, Owings Mills and down into Randallstown.  E413 was transferred to Station 18 in Randallstown as their station was out on a fire.  Most of the calls were to do with downed wires due to the weight of the ice on trees but there were a couple of medical calls as well.  The calls slowed down around 3pm this afternoon.