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House Fire in Hereford

Last night S414 was alerted to a house fire in the Hereford area. We are not alerted as a first due unit that far away (20+ minute drive) but other units were busy. We went enroute along with surrounding engine and truck companies to the call. The first engine in arrived to find active fire on the delta (right) side of the building, the pulled in a handline to extinguish the fire. S414 arrived approximately 20 minutes later and were ordered to go inside and help look to make sure the fire was out. S414 driver setup lights around the house too. In all, S414 crew went in 3 times to help with overhaul and were even able to rescue a bearded dragon.

Two Car MVC

Last night M415 and S414 were alerted for a 2 car motor vehicle collision near Butler Road at Route 30. The ambulance and squad arrived to find 2 cars in the middle of the intersection. Thankfully neither driver was injured. The ambulance and squad waited on scene for the arrival of the police and then cleared the call.

Air Bag Training

Last night some of the juniors and some of the regular members participated in an air bag training session with one of our senior members. The air bag training went over the high pressure airbags (for example, for lifting a car a little bit) and the medium pressure airbags (for lifting a larger object a higher distance). We had a short class room session and then a longer hands-on session. For the hands-on session we lifted the dumpster off of an egg (without breaking it) and then lifted a car while placing cribbing underneath for protection.

Rope Training

Our typical calls are EMS related, fires and motor vehicle collisions. But there are times where a call might require us to use ropes. It could be anything from helping get someone out of a tree to tying off a stokes basket to help guide an injured person up a hill. So, rope training is an important skill to have. Last night a few of us did some impromptu rope training under the guidance of a member who was the Captain of the technical rescue team in Baltimore County.

House Fire in 56’s Area

Last night around 6pm E413 and S414 were alerted, along with surrounding stations, for a house fire off of Cherry Hill Rd in Station 56’s area. E56 arrived first with smoke showing from the house. E413 arrived second hooked up to a hydrant and took a handline into the house. S414 arrived shortly after and set up fans and assisted with other operations. In the end it was a small kitchen fire — two birds and a cat were rescued, as well. Units were on scene for approximately 45 minutes.

Crash on Main St

Today just before noon a single vehicle hit a telephone pole. Engine 412 had just cleared a medical call and was already on the road. E412 and M19 were dispatched for a motor vehicle collision. Once E412 arrived we requested a rescue due to the driver being trapped in the vehicle. S414, SU418 along with other units in the area (T404, BC22 and EMS5) were dispatched to assist with the rescue. The patient was extricated reasonably quickly and were transported by MSP Trooper helicopter to the hospital.