Carroll County Barn Fire

Engine 412 along with several other units in Baltimore County were alerted for a barn fire early this afternoon. E412 arrived and helped setup water supply as there were multiple engines already at the barn. E412 supplied water it received from Carroll County units. Once the fire was suppressed E412 was requested to go down to the location in order to use foam to completely cover what was left of the barn. Foam enables the water to soak into the burning material which cools and reduces access to oxygen. Units cleared around 4:30pm.

MVC on Hanover Pike

Last night at approximately 8:30pm Reisterstown was alerted for an MVC on Hanover Pike near Kemp Road. SU418 called enroute and just pulled out of the station when it was upgraded to an MVC with one trapped. Other volunteers in the area came down and brought Engine 412 and 413 as well.  Crews found two vehicles 100 yards apart and one of them was up on the guard rail. It took crews approximately 10 minutes to extricate the patient from the vehicle who was then transported by ambulance to Shock Trauma. Crews were in service approximately 45 minutes after dispatch.

Crash on Route 30

This morning around 7am, RVFC was alerted for a three vehicle MVC with one person trapped. A415, SU418 and E413 arrived to find a 3 vehicles involved. One vehicle was significantly damaged but thankfully the driver was not trapped in the vehicle. Crews worked on the patient on-scene and then transported to the trauma center.

House Fire in Carroll County

Sunday was a busy day for RVFC. There were 4 (local) calls in the morning and then around 2pm E413 was alerted for a house fire in Carroll County.  We were 3rd arriving engine.  The crew from E413 pulled the second handline off of Engine 33 and took it in to the second floor to extinguish the fire on division 2.  First arriving engines pulled a handline and went in to division 1 to extinguish the fire there.  There was heavy fire throughout the whole structure and it took almost an hour to fully extinguish the fire. E413 driver assisted with water supply along with engines from Carroll County and E401, E503 and E56 from Baltimore County. E413 remained on scene for approximately 3 hours assisting with overhaul as well.

MVC at Walgrove on Main St

On Sunday morning RVFC was alerted for an MVC with no one injured.  Then just as S414 was pulling out it was upgraded to an MVC with injuries and so M415 was alerted.  M415 and S414 arrived to find a two vehicle MVC with one vehicle up onto the grass with one person trapped inside.  S414 requested a rescue assignment which alerted the battalion chief, district EMS officer and Engine 852 (who was filling in at Station 56). S414 removed the side door and was able to extricate the patient.  One was transported to the hospital.

Carroll County House Fire

At around 1300 hours on March 20th E412 was alerted to respond mutual aid to Carroll County for a reported house fire with multiple calls. E412 arrived seconds behind the first arriving engine with fire showing from the first and second floors. After receiving reports of the dwelling being occupied E412’s crew was assigned primary search of the first and second floors, all searches negative. Multiple other companies, including E413, were dispatched to help out due to the severity of the fire.  Crews then assisted with extinguishment and overhaul. E412 operated for approximately 2 hours before returning to service.

MVC Car on its Side

Early this morning Station 41 was alerted for a an MVC on Cockeysmill Road by the 795 overpass.   Squad 414 arrived to find a single vehicle on its side. The driver was able to self-extricate and was not injured.  S414 went back in service after approximately 20 minutes.