BGE Hazard Training

Tonight BGE came up to the station to do gas and electrical hazard training with Stations 40, 56 and 41.


Vehicle Extrication in Butler’s Area

Today we had a vehicle collision with people trapped in Butler’s area. S414 was dispatched to the call in order to aid apparatus on scene with extricating the patient.

Motor Vehicle Rescue on I-795

S414 was dispatched for a patient trapped in a vehicle on I-795 South bound.  Apparatus from Stations 41, 56, 31, 19, 18 and 32 worked to extricate the patient from the vehicle.

New Medic 415 Ordered

The Reisterstown VFC has ordered a new medic unit to replace Medic 415.  The new Medic 415 will be manufactured by Road Rescue in Winter Park Florida.  It will be mounted on a 2017 Dodge 5500 4×4.  The new unit will have an all aluminum body that will be mounted on a liquid spring suspension.  The new unit will have a Stryker Power load system to assist loading the cot in the rear of the unit.  The cost of maintaining our current 10 year old unit has been steadily rising.  The new unit should be in Reisterstown sometime this winter.

Rescue on Butler Road

Just after 6pm on Tuesday June 28th units from Glyndon, Reisterstown, Chestnut Ridge, and Franklin fire stations were alerted for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment.  Upon arrival, units found a 2 vehicle accident with one person trapped.  Crews extricated the occupants and transported to local hospitals.

Extrication Training

Every so often we get some vehicles donated to the firehouse so we can do training on efficient methods of extricating patients out of vehicles.  Last night was one of those nights.  We had all the tools of the squad and practiced opening doors, cutting, removing the roof, removing the rear tail gate etc.

Autofire on I-795

Last night we were alerted, along with Engine 56 for an auto fire on the 795. The original call had it in the wrong location and it ended up being north bound just north of Owings Mills Blvd. The police reported the car was fully involved.