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MVC at Glyndon and Sacred Heart

Today there was a motor vehicle collision at Glyndon at Sacred Heart Lane. It originally came out as an MVC but when IV415 arrived they requested a Rescue Assignment as one was trapped in the vehicle.  S414, and others, were dispatched to extricate the patient from the vehicle.

Fire Safety Detail at Glyndon Elementary

Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Company organized a fire safety demonstration for the kindergarten classes at Glyndon Elementary school.  They did well as they new what to do if their clothes caught on fire (stop, drop, and roll) and what to do if there was smoke in the house (get down low on the floor and move out of the house). They got to go through the engine and one of the teachers donned our bunker gear.

First Responder for a Chainsaw Injury

A worker was cutting up a tree with a chainsaw and cut his leg. Carroll Medic 139 and Squad 414 were called to the scene to tend to the injuries. A trooper was called given the location and depth of the injury. Engine 413 handled the landing site.

Motor vehicle flipped over on Westminster Pike

Just after 5pm today a fire was reported in Owings Mills’s area and Engine 413 responded to that.  Several minutes later a report of a motor vehicle accident with rescue was put out for Westminster Pike near Gores Mill road.  Squad 414 responded along with Special Unit 418, Engine 401, Tower 323 and Medic 56.  One patient was found 40 feet down from the vehicle with only minor injuries.  The ambulance checked him out and was taken to the hospital by private vehicle.

Reisterstown Parade

Today was the beginning of the Reisterstown Festival which always is begun by the parade.

Juniors Training on the Squad

Tonight the Juniors attended a training by riding members on the tools on S414.

Motor vehicle rescue on Hanover Pike

Shortly before midnight, Squad 414 was alerted for a 1050 PI on Hanover Pike and was upgraded to a rescue.  Medic 435 arrived first followed shortly by S414.  Two vehicles collided and one patient was difficult to get out of the vehicle.  Two helicopters were called due to the mechanism of injury.

National Night Out

The Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Company was out at the National Night Out in Reisterstown at Chartley Plaza with both Engines, Squad, Special Unit, Utility and Ambulance.  Juniors from our Junior program showed kids around the apparatus.