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MVC in Owings Mills with Patient Trapped

This evening S414 along with apparatus from Owings Mills, Garrison and other areas were alerted for an MVC on Owings Mills Blvd with a patient trapped. Owings Mills arrived and confirmed entrapment and requested a helicopter to transport the patient.  Crews worked for about 15 minutes to extricate the patient who was then transported to the hospital.

MVC with entrapment on Route 30

Station 41 was dispatched for for an MVC with people trapped on Route 30.  Squad 414 arrived to find a two vehicle MVC with one on the  embankment with two patients trapped. The crews from Squad 414, Engine 412, Special Unit 418, and Medic 415 along with surrounding companies extricated two patients and flew one to Shock Trauma.

Restaurant Fire in Hampstead

At around 0115hours this morning to E412 was alerted to respond to a building fire in Hampstead (Carroll County). E412 responded with 4 and went to work opening a hole in the roof followed by assisting crews inside with overhaul operations. The fire eventually went to 2 alarms. E412 operated for approximately 2 hours before returning to service.

Santa is coming to town!

Santa is coming to town!


Santa will be riding the firetrucks between 6p till around 8:30p-9p. We will be in and around the following roads.

[Santa wants to see everyone and we will make every attempt to get to all these areas but the schedule is dependent on weather and fire calls.]

Tues – December 18th

  • Weywood Dr.
  • Brian Daniel Court
  • Amy Brent Way
  • Bensmill Court
  • Carrollstown Road
  • Glyndon Trace
  • Berrymans Lane
  • Beverly Road
  • Tarragon Road
  • Statewood
  • Lamottes Court
  • Nicodemus Road
  • Chamborley Drive
  • Beau Mondes Court

Wed – December 19th

  • Tarragon Road
  • Brookbury Dr.
  • Caraway Rd.
  • Persimmon Circle
  • Church Rd.
  • Sunnyking
  • Bonnie Meadow
  • Delight Meadow
  • Sunspot
  • Cockeysmill Rd
  • Franklin Valley Circle

Thurs – December 20th    Now Sunday December 23

  • Chatsworth Ave.
  • Bond Ave.
  • Glyndon Dr.
  • Sacred Heart Lane
  • Northway Rd.
  • Shirley Manor
  • High Meadow Rd.
  • Chartley Dr.
  • Walgrove Rd.
  • Greenview Ave.
  • Suburbian Rd.
  • Holly Hill Ct
  • Shirley Manor
  • Estate Rd.

Friday – December 21st

  • East Chestnut Hill Lane
  • Mardan Dr.
  • Erin Way
  • Parkholme Circle
  • Benwell Rd.
  • Brookshire
  • Hammershire Rd.
  • Cherry Valley Rd.
  • Terry Town Dr.
  • Rockrimmon Rd.
  • Danbury Rd.
  • W. Chestnut Hill Lane

Saturday – December 22nd

  • Gwynnwest Rd.
  • Bentley Park
  • Valley Meadow
  • Mainbrook Ct.
  • Troutbrook Circle
  • Deaconbrook Circle
  • Brickston Rd.
  • Bellinger Ct.
  • Baskerville Rd.
  • Treeline Dr.
  • Kingsbury Rd.
  • Leyton Rd.


Engine Training

Last night E412 and E413 went out to train on pumping the engine and handline operations. We have several members who recently finished classes and so took them out to go over our engines specifically. We hooked up to the hydrant, pulled an attack line, flowed the deck gun and had one engine pump the second engine.

Apartment Fire on Straw Hat Road

At around 1800hours E412 responded with surrounding stations for a reported apartment fire. First arriving units reported a working fire in one of the first floor apartments. E412 arrived and at the direction of command conducted a primary search of the fire apartment and assisted with overhaul and extinguishment. Crews operated for approximately 1 hour before returning to service.