2014 – End of the year stats

A new year has begun and it is interesting to look through the stats from last years calls.  In all our station was called out for 1,696 calls which includes 1,193 for suppression (engine and/or squad) and 623 for EMS (ambulance).  This is almost 5 calls every day on average.

Our busiest time of the day for the ambulance was between 2pm and 3pm (118 calls) and for the suppression the busiest was between 6pm – 7pm (68 calls). The busiest day of the week was Fridays for ambulance and Wednesdays for suppression.

The call type most frequent for the ambulance was Sick Subject (which is very general) at 84 calls. The most frequent call type for the suppression side was Dwelling Fire (a house as opposed to a building or apartment) at 70 calls.

Our longest suppression call was 4 hours 23 minutes for a fire in Chestnut Ridge’s area in June and the second longest was 3 hours 17 minutes for a brush fire on Gores Mill Road in April.  The longest ambulance call was for 3 hours 6 minutes for a vehicle collision in December.

Obviously not all calls are long.  Our average time on a suppression call is 20 minutes. Our average time on an ambulance call is 41 minutes.  For the ambulance it is clear there are a significant number of calls that average around 20 minutes and another significant number of calls that average around 70 minutes.  The difference between the two appears to be whether the patient is transported to the hospital by 415 or not.

We are proud to serve our community…